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"Music doesn't lie.
If there is something to
be changed in this world,
then it can only happen
through music"

Jimi Hendrix



The sessions proposed are aimed to develop musical and expression skills of any individual. It doesn't matter what instrument or music style you want to approach.

It doesn't matter if you do it for your personal interest, or if you are a pro or you want to become one.

The method is based on edutainment.

Are you into having fun and learning?

Sound / Music / Edutainment / Education / Workshops / Classes

Attending classes & sessions:

Marco Palmieri

Tue / Wed / Fri
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  • Creative Musicality

Would you like to get creative with developing your musicality?
Focus on gestures, sound and relationship.
No technique required and no traditional methods applied.
Drumming, strumming, riffing, padding, talking, singing, rapping, listening ...

What you learn/get:

Active attitude towards music
Confidence with your self
Learning how to listen
Expressing your body/spirit through

any musical instrument and voice

Take your recorded tunes with you

  • Electronic music

Abstract, experimental or more dance oriented ... It doesn't matter!
...what matters is that your computer or digital processor is doing what you want: getting your electronic sound out. Yours !
Whatever is your app or system, just remember:

“The Best System Is The Sound System!”

What you learn/get:

Active attitude towards music

Finding you personal groove

Textures design
Beats design

Sound loops design
Timeline and structure design

Basic recording & mixing

Take your recorded tunes with you

  • Composition

Are you good with any musical instrument or voice but tired to play other people tunes? Are you into learning how to create your own composition with any musical instrument?

Try out the composition session : while whistling or roughly singing a melody, or easily beatboxing a riff, you will start step step by step to give to your ideas the the right sound, your sound. Maybe a distorted guitar, maybe a drum, next is a baritone sax, or an electric bass or a physical modelling sinthesyzer... than whatever your imagination brings!

The limit is the sky!

What you learn/get:

Active attitude towards music
Self expression
Discover your method to create sound/musical composition Structure creation
Basic recording & mixing
Approach with different instruments (acoustic or electronic)

Take your recorded tunes with you.

  • Sound Design

Did you ever though about sound as clay?
If you want to get deeper into the world of most the fascinating and mysterious material for your sculptures ... this that's your place.

From the basic to almost all the scratches and catches collected from Palmieri in the last 25 years of work with sound.
We'll avoid my best secret, we'll try to find yours!

What you learn/get:

Basic acoustic
Knowing the clay
Creative possibilities
Generating, creating, translating, recording

Building your own sound design style

In/out loop information feedback
Follow your instinct!

Take your recorded work with you

  • Djing

"Djs are storytellers.

Their fine art is not

to choose the good tune,

but right time to play it"

What you learn/get:

Basic mixing technique
Organizing your playlist

Connecting to the tracks

Connecting to the crowd


Re-Edit & Re-Mix

Take your recorded mixtape with you

Classes Pricing


Prices for adults

1 session short (60 min)

1 session (2 hours)
4 sessions abo (2 hours each)

10 sessions abo (2 hours each)

24 session abo (2 hours each)

Group sessions (3 persons max)

4 sessions abo (2 hours each)

10 sessions abo (2 hours each)

24 session abo (2 hours each)

Prices for kids and teenagers

1 session short (60 min)

1 session (1.5 hours)

4 sessions abo (1.5 hours each)

10 sessions abo (1.5 hours each)

24 session abo (1.5 hours each)

Group sessions (3 kids max)

4 sessions abo (1.5 hours each)

10 sessions abo (1.5 hours each)

24 session abo (1.5 hours each)


Sessions scheduling and lesson timing is adaptable related to the needs of any case.

3 kids from same family in the same session : 10% discount


90.- Chf

150.- Chf
400.- Chf
800.- Chf
1700.- Chf


300.- Chf / person
600.- Chf / person
1200.- Chf / person

60.- Chf

80.- Chf

260.- Chf

600.- Chf

1200.- Chf

180.- Chf / kid

400.- Chf / kid

800.- Chf / kid


RECORDING ART at your fingertips.

Any style, any instrumets for all your needs​. 

Preproduction, arrangment, production, mixing, remixing, re-edit, mastering. At CINQUE Tresor Music Studio.

90.- Chf / Hour


FREEDOM to play whatever you want. Loud!

If you cannot stand anymore your neighbours complaints for noise while you enjoy playing your instrument, dj set or singing, Tresor Music Studio in CINQUE is for you.

And if your neighbours are cool or even your fans, but you can get no satisfaction  neither focus  by being rocking your flat ... once again you're in the right place.

30.- Chf / Hour

music studio
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